The teenage years are over for me and on to a new chapter in my life. Last year I celebrated my birthday rather crazy in China, but this year it was time for a sophisticated, let's say, "gathering". Of course a big party is fun, but I also like simple. A nice and pleasant dinner with the people I love makes me just as happy as getting drunk in a karaoke bar.

So 20... Busy with school, work, sports and finding a social life. Difficult to combine all, but certainly not boring. I spent a long time just thinking about how I miss China, because I had so many friends there with whom I had such a good connection and we were always such a close squad. I do not really have that here in the Netherlands, that's a shame, but I really do my best to improve it. I am more and more meeting up with friends and I noticed that it really makes me happier again!

And then finally something very cool what I wanted to share! I am finally going to move! Amsterdam it is baby! Super happy and I'm really happy that I can live here the next four months. Even if it is only temporary, I am really super happy! It's closer to school, I can go to parties with my classmates more often and it's just a place for myself. So nice!


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  1. Aah hoe leuk dat je in Amsterdam gaat wonen!! Heel nice!!