A day in Leshan

Hi everyone! In my last blogpost I told you about my trip to Chengdu, but on the second day of the trip we went to Leshan. Leshan is known for their stone Buddha. It's the biggest stone Buddha of the world and my friends wanted to visit the Buddha. I had already seen it but from a different perspective. This time I was sooo close! It was really cool.

We left Chengdu quite early in the morning and took the train to Leshan. It didn’t take long before we arrived in Leshan. Funny thing, “shan” is Chinese for mountain and my friends are French. In the beginning I thought they just said “le shan” like in “the mountain”.

So we climbed the mountain, which in China means taking a billion steps of stairs and finally arrived at the Buddha. We had to wait in the queue for such a long time to take more stairs to see Buddha’s feet. Last time I saw the Buddha I wasn’t this close, because we went by boat. Even tough it was super impressive to see it this close, I prefer going by boat. Because you can get a better view of the entire Buddha and mountain.

Afterwards we walked around the mountain and had some street food there and we got a stomachache. We didn’t really had dinner, but some fruit and snacks instead. Leshan is such a peaceful and quiet place. I highly recommend going there just to wind down a bit. The people in Chengdu and Leshan were all very friendly which was really nice. :) 


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  1. Ahhh, wauw, wat ziet dit er gaaf uit zeg! De allergrootste stenen Buddha ter wereld, die wil ik ook wel eens zien! En wat ziet de brug op de laatste foto er prachtig uit zeg! Ik kan me wel voorstellen dat het een fijn plaatsje is om even wat rustiger aan te doen.

    1. Ja het was echt super indrukwekkend! Leshan is een plaats in China die niet echt bekend is, maar ik raad het wel veel mensen aan om er heen te gaan. Het is gewoon zo'n mooi plekje om even weer wat rust te vinden! :)