An overall update

Wow long time no see! I’m really sorry I didn’t update you guys more often about my life in China, but you all know my usual excuse: busy with school, no inspiration, etc. This week I really felt like writing something and asked my friend if she could take some pictures with me. So here is my outfit of today + some long awaited life updates!

It has been two months since I’ve started the language program here in Hangzhou and I’m having a great time! I can make friends so easily now, I met so many people from all over the world, I’m more independent and I am the best version of myself. I’ve always struggled with my self esteem, because I got bullied in the entire period of high school. I was a victim of bullying based on racism, because I’m Chinese. But now I’m surrounded by so many positive people and I just feel so alive and I am enjoying it here so much. Even though I am quite busy with school, I can combine it very easily with fun things in life. 

About the progress of my Chinese skills… I definitely learned a lot already, especially with reading and writing. Speaking and listening on the other hand is still really difficult to me. But I had midterm exams last week and my results are so much higher than I expected (my lowest grade was 85% and the highest 93%). I like the classes and my classmates are great! :)

It was so cold today and when I asked my friend if she wanted to go outside with me to take pictures she was like ‘Oh, you want to go now… in the rain?’. And then I convinced her to go anyway. The seasons are changing and the temperature changed drastically! It went from 20 degrees Celsius to 5 in one week. But cold weather means winter fashion (which is my favorite)! 

I wore my overalls with my black turtleneck, very simple but I loved the silhouette. Some people commented on my outfit saying I looked like a 5-year-old girl, but most people really loved my outfit! It was so cold so I wore my big big winter coat to keep me extra warm. I bought these pair of shoes on Taobao (like a Chinese amazon/ebay but really really cheap) and they are so comfortable. 

Monki overalls / turtleneck / shoes / Canada Goose coat


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