Exploring Keukenhof Gardens & Zaanse Schans

Born and raised in The Netherlands, but I never go sightseeing here. I decided to visit the Keukenhof Gardens and Zaanse Schans.  I've never been to these tourist hotspots before and I was super surprised how beautiful both of these places were! 

Zaanse Schans is for free, so let me warn you, it will be super crowded. Even though I went on a rainy day, it was packed. Zaanse Schans is a cute little neighborhood and it's mostly known for the windmills and clog shops. 

The gardens cost 18 for an adult ticket, but you can get them for slightly cheaper online or find package deals for groups. For the people that are not familiar with the Keukenhof Gardens, it's a huge flower field that is just open for a few months per year. They have a big range of tulips and it looks magical. If you go here, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to explore the fields. 


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