I love Seoul!

I finally did it: I went to Korea! And it was even better than I expected!! I ate delicious food, saw my friends, visited many places in Seoul and I even saw some K-pop groups! This was my first trip by myself and it was super scary, but so amazing! 

The first day I arrived late in the afternoon and immediately went to my Airbnb. It was amazing, super well located (3 minutes from Hongdae station) and the host was really kind and if I had any questions I could just text him. I'd never used Airbnb before, but it was great. If you want a cheaper accommodation with a good location but don't want to stay in a hostel, I highly recommend booking an Airbnb and if you want to check out the Airbnb I stayed in in Seoul, click here!

My good friend I met in Hangzhou asked me if there was something I really wanted to eat in Seoul and I obviously wanted to eat Korean barbecue, so we had it. I loved the food it was so good! The leaf wrap thingie is amazing, 10 out of 10,  as well as that lunch box rice thing! Loved it. After dinner we went for a walk and I told my friend that all Koreans have amazing glasses and she took me to a store called LOOK optical. I saw a really cool pair of glasses so I asked how much it would cost with glasses that would correct my vision and it was (converted) only €67?? SOO CHEAP!

Then we went to a cafe called Pop Container to have dessert. We had the Oreo "bingsu", which is this Oreo flavored shaved ice/ice flakes and it was delicious. Then we went to a bar in Sinchon called Dormitory 3 and we had a few drinks there. Dormitory is really fun, they play K-pop and everyone is dancing and singing and just having a great time. There are more Dormitory bars in Sinchon, I believe 5 or 6 and they are super close to one another. You should definitely check 'em out if/when you're in the area!

I woke up and I was so ready for day two of my Seoul trip! I was going to meet up with my classmate and he took my to this traditional Korean restaurant and every time I wanted to take a picture of the food, more and more food was coming. Super crazy, but super good tho! The food was so beautifully presented! And we drank "Makgeolli" which tasted a bit weird, but that's because I was definitely not used to a flavor like that. Also we sat on the floor and that was very comfortable! :)

After that crazy lunch we did a lot of sightseeing! By the way we had lunch somewhere in Insadong. First we walked around at Insadong and then went to Gwanghwamun Square and from there we slowly walked to Gyeongbokgung which is the royal palace and it's so impressively big and the gardens are so peaceful. A lot of people walk in traditional Korean clothes which you can rent literally everywhere and it looks so fun. Maybe next time I come to Korea and it's a bit warmer I want to try it as well haha. Later we went to Bukchon Hanok Village and I thought it would've been more traditional than it actually was because it had a modern vibe to it, but it was still fun to walk around a village where they have all these old traditional Korean houses.

I have the feeling that all my friends love to eat and they know that I love it too. So everyday they took me to so many food places! So after we did some sightseeing we went to the Gwangjang Market, which is this big food market. We had this rice drink thing, silkworms (which I personally didn't really like that much), "jeon" (delicious Korean pancakes, I think we had the potato and meat jeon), raw beef and live octopus. Because we were so stuffed we walked some more and did even more sightseeing! We went to the Cheonggyecheon and that's the stream which is a nice place for a walk. 

And from the stream we slowly walked to Myeongdong for MORE (street)FOOD!? I was so full I could only eat one more "Gyeranppang" which is a cute little cake with an egg baked inside of it. So good! We also went inside a department store, because my friend said they sell a lot of K-pop stuff and I wanted to take a look.

Final sightseeing destination of day two: N Seoul Tower! It was cute with all the lights and you could see the entire city. Next to the tower there is a railing/fence with all these keychains just like in Paris. And after a long day of sightseeing we went for a drink (let's just say, more than "a" drink, but it was so fun). 

Is there even more things left to visit because I already saw so much you're asking? Yes! I went to Common Ground, which is this shopping mall made out of containers. I went there and would meet my good friend there, but haha... she sort of missed her train. So she came a little later. I walked a bit had some fishcake, walked into a makeup store and then I found my friend! We both had never been to Common Ground and we first ate cakes at Dore Dore, so good but so big! If you're with two people, just get one slice of cake. We had their famous Rainbow Cake and the Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake. 

After walking around a bit, we were a bit disappointed because the shopping mall was a bit small and the products they sold were quite expensive. Then we saw some guys talking on a stage and I looked a bit better and I recognized ASTRO which is a Korean boy group! I'm not a big fan of them, but I knew them a little bit and then my friend was looking on her phone why they were here and she said it was a special live show and she knows I'm a big fan of BTS and she told me BTS would be there as well. I kinda freaked out and then we stayed a bit longer to see BTS! It was crazy. 

Later we left and went to eat some street food. I love Korean street food, there are just so many choices! We had steak (which you can see on the picture and it was delicious), "Tteokbokki" (spicy rice cakes) and a lot of fried stuff. Soo good!  

Then we went to a Noraebang, which is a Karaoke place where there are tiny rooms where you can sing. My friend told me, yeah we can just sing one song and leave again. But in China we have to rent a room and stay there the entire night, because we payed for it and here you just pay for the song. Amazing! We sang four songs: "Hello" by Adele, "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel, "Baby" by Justin Bieber and then the highlight was "Problem" by Ariana Grande, because we got a score of 100 on that one! It was so much fun!

So on the last day I decided to go a bit more chill. I slept in, packed my luggage and tidied my studio a bit. Then I discovered the neighborhood a bit, because my host recommended me a few cafes close to the studio and I had an iced americano, because that's the thing every Korean orders and then I went to Hongdae to see if I could buy some souvenirs. I then went to Lotteria, which is a Korean fast food chain, because I wanted to try a "bulgogi" burger. I heard you could get it at McDonalds, but my friends said I had to get it at Lotteria. It was delicious!

It was so nice to see my friend again and we only hung out for like a few hours but we ate so much stuff. She arrived that same day because she just came back from China. I really wanted to get some fried chicken, because many Korean friends of mine said "yeah Korean fried chicken is the best" so I was curious. And we were on our way to this chicken place and then she asked me, did you already had "sundae"? I knew what it was and that was also the reason I haven't had it before, so we got that and some tteokbokki. Don't mistake sundae for that delicious ice cream, no Korean sundae is pig's intestines filled with rice noodles. So weird, I preferred the tteokbokki. Haha.

Then after the sundae and tteokbokki we saw a Baskin-Robbins and my friend said "We should get ice-cream here, because China doesn't have a BR." And I am always in for more food, so I thought why not? We had the flavors Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Pistachio, lovely! And then finally we had chicken and fries. So good, but we ate so much food! #foodcoma.

And that wraps up my trip to Seoul! Even though it was my first trip alone I spent most of the time with friends. I'm so grateful to have met all of my amazing friends and I'm really happy they spent all this time with me and showed me some of their favorite places in the city. I loved Seoul and I would love to visit it another time!


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  1. Ahh best spannend, om alleen op reis te gaan, maar wat fijn dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad!! Dat paleis ziet er echt prachtig uit!! En whaa, al dat eten, jummy!!

  2. Wat een leuke foto's. Je hebt het daar duidelijk heel leuk gehad!

  3. Wat een ontzettend leuke foto's! Het ziet er ontzettend leuk en gezellig uit!

  4. Seoul staat al een tijdje hoog op mijn lijstje. Door al dat lekkere eten komt het nog hoger. Ik bedoel, hallo, kijk die bingsu.

  5. Food overload! Ik wil ook heeeeel graag een keer naar Seoul.

    1. Haha tuurlijk, ik ben een echte foodie! :) Seoul is echt super leuk!!

  6. Wat leuk. Je hebt het gezellig gehad :). En om die regenboog cake!!!! Zo lekker lijkt mij die.

  7. Het ziet er gezellig uit en ontzettend leuke foto`s.


  8. Wow it looks amazing! And the food, wow. Looks so good. X