Visiting pandas in Chengdu

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! Believe me, I had one for sure. I went to Chengdu with two friends of mine. I can’t wait to show you some snaps I took during the trip, just looking at them make me want to go back again!

I’ve been to Chengdu a few years ago, but it had a different feeling because I went with my parents. It’s kinda scary, yet exciting to travel in a country where you don’t really speak the language, so you have to figure out a lot of things by yourself. We went to see the pandas, red pandas and peacocks at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, visited some temples and just wandered around in the city. It was such a great trip, because it was chill but we still saw a whole lot of the city.

We dabbed our way to Chengdu. We wanted to visit Chengdu mostly to see the pandas in the panda research park, so that was the first thing we went to. The pandas were so adorable! I really wanted to hold them and hug them, but that was not possible unfortunately. We came early and spent a long time in the research park. Walked about 30 kilometers that day. The park was huge and I think we got lost like three times or so. As I said already, we saw pandas (also babies and they were so cute!!), red pandas and peacocks. Normally I don’t like to visit zoo’s, because I don’t like to see animals locked up. But pandas are, uhm how to say, not very independent. A man told me one time that pandas have a hard time to survive in the wild, especially in the winter. So they have a better life here and they get fed like 25/8, haha.

Afterwards we decided to go to a temple and we also had lunch there. The food was good, super spicy though. Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province and that province is known for their spicy, spicy, craaazy spicy food! In the evening we went out to eat hotpot! Which is one of my favorite meals!! It was so good, so good even that I forgot to take a picture of it and only realized when we finished eating, whoopsy. The second day of our trip, we went to Leshan. So keep an eye out for an upcoming blogpost! :)

The last day we all slept in and decided that this was going to be our chill day. Just exploring the city by foot. We went to a park, a temple, had some street food and walked and walked and walked. And in the evening we went back again to Hangzhou. Travelling from Hangzhou to Chengdu was longer than I expected, but it was such an amazing trip and I enjoyed it so much! I am quite regretting that I didn’t travel a lot during this semester, so I hope I will be able to travel a bit more next semester. Do you recommend some places in China?


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