Essentials + Vlog (Ep. 1)

Wow so many changes! I changed my handle to DaniqueXLR and I started a YouTube channel! I will tell you guys more about the changes in this post, as well as showing you this outfit.


Dinner at The Seafood Bar, Utrecht

Every time I was walking at Utrecht central station, I saw this restaurant and it caught my eye. Today my family and I decided to go here to celebrate Mothers day. The restaurant I'm talking about is The Seafood Bar! Here's a little review from my visit!


Exploring Keukenhof Gardens & Zaanse Schans

Born and raised in The Netherlands, but I never go sightseeing here. I decided to visit the Keukenhof Gardens and Zaanse Schans.  I've never been to these tourist hotspots before and I was super surprised how beautiful both of these places were! 



The teenage years are over for me and on to a new chapter in my life. Last year I celebrated my birthday rather crazy in China, but this year it was time for a sophisticated, let's say, "gathering". Of course a big party is fun, but I also like simple. A nice and pleasant dinner with the people I love makes me just as happy as getting drunk in a karaoke bar.


I like this color

It has been such a long time since I posted an outfit on this blog! Today I decided to meet up with my cousin to hang out and afterwards she took some quick snaps of my outfit. It was super cold and we were both freezing!


A day in Shanghai

One day in Shanghai, isn't it too short? Yeah it was ridiculously short, but I had the best time with this weird group of people haha. Did we see a lot of Shanghai? Nope, but we've all been to Shanghai before, so there was no need to do a lot of sightseeing. But if you want to know what we did do, then just keep on reading!


What we did in Xi'an

Hi guys! I'm back with another blogpost, because right now I'm in China to visit some friends. So right now, I am in the plane going back to Hangzhou, because I just went to Xi'an with my friends. In a few days I will also be going to Shanghai and then I have to head back to The Netherlands already for uni! But first, here's a few snippets of what we did in Xi'an!